Your beliefs are getting in your way

Your beliefs are getting in your way

Limiting beliefs are those things we’ve taken to heart, accepted as true and make decisions because of them. They’ve taken root, become unconscious and reflexive. We also give our power away to them, believing we are helpless against the “truth” of them. They are even likely based on past experience so the “evidence” we’ve collected validates the belief. Limiting beliefs are powerful suckers!

Hold on loosely

I think of outcome goals as the point on the horizon towards which I’m steering. Do I veer a little north or south on my way? Of course. But I know how to get back on track and most importantly, what I have to do in order to get there (aka process goals, but that’s a different blog!).

The lonely world of dog sports

Who recognizes you on the days when you don’t Q but make a ton of progress? Who sees you have one bar and still it’s your best run of the weekend? Who is there to lift you after you have “just one thing” go wrong? Who is there to cheer on your baby dog?

Connection through curiosity

If you’ve ever longed for connection with your dog but aren’t sure what that looks like or how to get it, this blog’s for you!

Borrowing from Teddy & Brene

There are so many people who let the fear win and don’t try. I’ve entered national events knowing I had little real chance, but I wanted to step into that arena; to test myself and my team; to get my ass kicked in some pretty cool places. Yes, I am competitive, but mostly I want to get better.

Get off the strugglebus

Hard work helps us believe we’ve done enough and therefore “earned” it. And when we believe, really believe in ourselves, things start to shift. We can see ourselves struggling, or we can see ourselves doing what we love and working to improve. Failures become feedback and curiosity replaces judgement.

A tale of two migraines

Once upon a time my beloved “Novice A” dog, Karma, got invited to the AKC Agility Invitational the same year we also finished third in the inaugural AKC Rally National Championship - we were having quite the year! Karma was running well, feeling well and we were...

How deliberate training builds confidence

I’m writing this the morning after a great Facebook Live on this same topic, realizing that some of you may prefer a written version with fewer tangents - Ha! Watch the FB Live replay here. When we go into the ring - any ring: conformation, agility, obedience, draft,...

About Me

I am a mental skills and performance coach who supports handlers in pursuit of their big goals. As a dedicated competitor myself, I understand what it’s like to want to win in many different arenas.

My clients include handlers who are at the top of their game in conformation, agility, draft, obedience/rally and more. It is my great honor to work with amazing handlers who are dedicated in their pursuit.

Start improving your mental game. Tell me how I can help you.

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