You train your dogs every week, but how often do you work on your mindset? 

Every week we work our dogs to some degree from group classes to backyard training. But our dogs are only half of the team and we owe it to them to work on ourselves just as much.

It's just like working out - the results don't last forever (I wish!). We have to keep strengthening our mindset in order to see lasting change in our performance in the ring. 

If you think your mental game is keeping you from Q-ing as much as you want, then you've come to the right place.

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Monthly Q-Membership


It's pretty simple, if you stop working out, you stop getting results. The same is true of the effort you put into improving your mindset - it only works if you work it!

In that spirit, I've created an ongoing space where we can all continue to work on our mental game; after all, it doesn't get easier, we just get better.

Each month we will tackle a new theme or topic designed to strengthen our performance mindset and improve our results with our dogs. 

Little by little, habit by habit, the pieces add up, and before you know it, big shifts happen.

Whatever your long-term mindset goals, commit regularly to making progress. Think of this as your mindset gym membership!

Jill S.

The Q Coach has helped me so much over the years. From the 1:1 coaching sessions to the Masterclasses to the ultimate- the Q-Membership, all have enabled me to become a better handler, even a better person!

Handling dogs did not come easily for me as I fought with performance anxiety (ring nerves). Julie has aided me in figuring out why I felt this way and has given me the tools to work through my fears and conquer them, as well as grow my relationships with my dogs. After all, we engage in these activities with our dogs because we love them and we want them to enjoy the time together with us as well!

Christine C.

I was having a really tough time constantly stressing out over whether or not we would Q or get titles. I knew that mental management played a huge part in success in individual sports and decided to give it a try in regard to dog sports. 

I discovered The Q Coach and the rest is history. I worked through the exercises and started to let go of all my outcome goals and focus on the things that I could control and the stress started to melt away. Along with that my teams began to Q more consistently! My one dog has now achieved her MACH and another dog of mine is at the highest level of competition in scent work. I don’t think we would have been able to accomplish this if it weren’t for the lessons I learned in mental management through The Q Coach membership.

Perks of Q-Membership

  • Four lessons per month to break down our topic.
  • Special events/workshops.
  • Private, supportive Facebook group moderated by Julie.
  • Free access to ALL Q-Masterclasses during your membership.
  • Immediate access to ALL previous content (since the Q-Membership launched in April 2021).

On the Road?

If you're anything like me and the handlers I know, you are always on the go and consume content in the car on the way to your next show, trial, or training session. I get it, I'm the same way!

In addition to being posted in the private Facebook group, the lessons will be available in a mobile app. Most of the lessons are audio-only and any video lessons are just me talking so you can listen while driving to your next trial! (But seriously, don't look at the screen while driving!)



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