Mindset is a commitment.

You train your dog every week, but how often do you train your mindset? After all, it's your most important handling skill!

Mindset is not a part time thing.

We all want a quick fix - myself included! As dog handlers, we know that changing our dog's behavior takes time and commitment (see where I'm heading with this?). Meanwhile, we are half of the team but are neglecting working on ourselves.

Our mindset dictates how we show up for ourselves and our dogs, so if we want to show up as our best, we have to put in the work, week after week. Let's not ask our dogs to do something we aren't willing to do! Luckily a performance mindset can be learned - it's a skill like everything else you've learned. With effort it will get better!

Mindset cramming isn't sustainable. Sometimes a mental tune-up is just what you need to get through a trial - some quick reminders, a bit of hard truth and you're on your way. But lasting change - and growth - requires a shift in priorities, and in this case means you put yourself on the training schedule.

Your mindset is your most important handling skill - treat it as such. If you have all the handling skills but fall apart when you walk into the ring, what good are those skills? The right mindset increases your confidence, makes you more resilient, results in greater consistency, and is a LOT more fun!

Show me the options - I'm ready!

What to expect from the Q-Membership.

It's like an online class with a supportive community that is there for you week after week. The point of the membership is to create a safe space in which your growth is supported, celebrated and nurtured. Improving our performance mindset is a journey and each handler challenge faced will require a new version of us, so the membership ensures we are constantly growing and supported - together.

Kinda structured, kinda flexible. Some weeks you might have time to listen to the current lesson and also go back into the years of archives and learn from past topics. Other weeks you might skip around depending on your current focus. No matter how you like to learn, the lessons are always here for you.

Every month there is a theme and four supporting lessons. The lessons are always private to the members and often driven by your requests! We work on what you want to work on!

I'm convinced!

Commit to lasting change.

Boost confidence.

Did you know confidence can be learned? With the right tools - and some practice using them - you can increase your confidence and perform more consistently in the ring. Training your mindset regularly will result in lasting results.

Become resilient.

The struggle is real. One week we are on top of the world, the next week we can't find the ingate. What we do with the struggle is everything and our mindset will either help us bounce back or keep us in pain. Which sounds better to you?

Prioritize yourself.

In typical training, all of the attention is on the dog's skills, but what are you doing for yourself? How you approach training, your mindset at trials, and the way you respond to challenges all influences your success. Are you ready to put yourself first?

We all get in our own way.


Everyone makes mistakes. We forget the course, we mess up the easy part, we do something "dumb." But we all know dog handlers who don't make those kind of mental errors; the ones who seem like everything always goes according to plan. Wouldn't it be great to be like them?

Happily we can learn a more effective mindset - we can learn to be like those elite handlers! Those handlers didn't get confident and resilient overnight, they worked on their mindset and prioritized their mental game.

We all need a container in which we can improve our mental game so we can become the confident, consistent, unflappable handlers we want to be! It's time to prioritize yourself.

We take a multifaceted approach to developing a performance mindset - after all, it's not all ring nerves! We look at resiliency, energy, preparedness, confidence, consistency, self-talk, and yes performance anxiety. Taking a well-rounded approach means becoming mentally stronger in many areas as a dog handler.

Get ready to develop a performance mindset that supports your great, big goals!



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  • Access to ALL lessons from the start of the membership (Apr '21).
  • Access to ALL online courses while current member.
  • Access to our private Facebook group.
  • Lessons accessible on-the-go via mobile app.
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It's a muscle. The more your work it, the stronger it gets.

It would be nice if mindset was a one-and-done thing: Take one online class and slay ring nerves forever! But alas ... A true performance mindset evolves and levels up with your personal growth. Who you were with your Novice A dog is not who you'll need to be with your fourth Masters dog.

Within the container of a membership we get regular lessons that motivate us to push past our comfort zones and become the next-level competitor we long to be. After all, we all have big goals! And just like a muscle, the more we work it, the stronger it gets.

The Q-Membership is designed to regularly work on your performance mindset and strengthen your mental game so you can become the dog handler of your dreams. In just 30 minutes each week you'll work that mindset muscle and see those gains in terms of Qs, points, and wins! 

Commit to strengthening your mental game so you can walk into the ring with more confidence, resilience, and consistency!

Are you ready to commit?

You train your dog (at least) weekly, it's time to invest in yourself.

I'm SO Ready!