Want more Q Coach? I get that a lot ;)

I was getting asked by my Masterclass alumni and coaching clients for more-more-more, so I created this Q-Membership to keep learning together. After all, it's a process, not an outcome (Get it?!).

Monthly Q-Membership


It's pretty simple, if you stop working out, you stop getting results. The same is true of the effort you put into improving your mindset - it only works if you work it!

In that spirit, I've created an ongoing space where we can all continue to work on our mental game; after all, it doesn't get easier, we just get better.

Each month we will tackle a new theme or topic designed to strengthen our performance mindset and improve our results with our dogs. 

Little by little, habit by habit, the pieces add up, and before you know it, big shifts happen.

Whatever your long-term mindset goals, commit regularly to making progress. Think of this as your mindset gym membership!

On the Road?

If you're anything like me and the handlers I know, you are always on the go and consume content in the car on the way to your next show, trial, or training session. I get it, I'm the same way!

In addition to being posted in the private Facebook group, the lessons will be available in the Kajabi mobile app, accessible by using the email address you used to purchase the Q-Membership.

Perks of Q-Membership

  • Weekly lessons (4/mo) to break down our topic.
  • Private, supportive Facebook group moderated by Julie.
  • QUARTERLY group coaching calls via Zoom.
  • Exclusive course discounts and early-bird access to Q-content throughout the year.
  • Immediate access to all previous content (Q-Membership launched April 2021).



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