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We all have our own goals, plans, and challenges and need support in our journey to achieving them. Through 1:1 coaching we can bust through blocks, create plans towards goals or use the time for training lessons. You decide because it’s all about you.

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Elite athletes have coaches.

Mindset coaching is hardly new; the best of the best have always valued the mental aspects of competition. Thankfully, this type of performance coaching is available to all of us who are serious about achieving our goals with our dogs.

No matter what ring is your preferred venue, you can strengthen your mental game through 1:1 coaching, skills, and tools you can take with you ringside.

If you're ready to take your handling to the next level, I'm ready to help you!

4-Pack of Coaching

I'm not going to lie, this is my favorite thing that I do! Working with handlers and having the time to dig deep while creating lasting momentum is the heart of my coaching.

Real change begins with the decision to change, to dedicate yourself to being the competitor you know you can be. In four sessions we will create momentum and accountability around your specific goals along with sustainable tools to support your journey. By meeting four times in just a couple of months, we will create measurable, lasting change. Whether you are facing a big event or just want to overcome what’s holding you back, I will help you create the results you desire.

Four 60-90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via phone, or in person.

Accountability, homework, and action plans based on your unique needs and goals.

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Single Session Coaching

Need some quick help with a performance challenge? Are you off to a big event and need a mindset tune-up? Maybe you had a rough weekend and need to unpack it?

There are dozens of reasons your performance mindset would benefit from a one-on-one coaching call. Often, handlers just need to dive into a single topic and work out the kinks with someone who understands and can guide them back into a positive mindset.

While coaching packs are ideal for creating momentum and addressing the larger picture, single sessions are perfect for one topic or those "mindset emergencies" that might pop up. They also make for a great introduction to coaching and how it can help your performance in the ring.

The details: Single phone call 60 to 90 minutes. You can schedule when you book, but contact me if you need different times.

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Meaningful change happens when you commit then see results to create the momentum to drive you forward. Together, we will create this momentum while I hold you accountable to your goals and execution plan.

It's time to make progress on your dreams.

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You have a coach for your handling, why not a coach for your mindset?

If you’ve ever had a personal trainer, you know what accountability feels like – you commit with your time and money and you show up and do the work because someone’s holding you to it. Well, that model works for me, and it works for my clients, too.

Sometimes you just want to talk about yourself, right? I totally get that. We each have unique challenges and goals and need help busting through blocks or just having a sounding board. I’m your person! Let’s put a custom plan in place to support you in your goals, be they next weekend’s trial or next year’s accomplishments.

Momentum is key to making change stick and I’m here to support you as you reach for higher goals. Let’s get started!