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Mindset Coaching

The Q Coach is formed around a singular goal: to get the results YOU want in and out of the ring.

Online Courses

Like to learn on your own? Our online courses fit into your schedule, at your pace.
Dreams are a long time in the making

The moment all the hard work becomes a dream come true

I LOVE this photo for a million reasons.

This is me hugging dear friend and Q-Client, Sue, the moment she learned she won Best in Versatility at our National Specialty with her amazing girl, Amber. She won over many wonderful Berners and I was happier than if I had won myself. This moment is why I love what I do. I love seeing dreams realized.

Photo by Chris Stefanac

Goal Setting

Dream-n-Scheme is the program that started it all – a defined, four-step process for getting clarity, creating a plan, recording feedback and improving your mental game.

Mental Skills Coaching

I help handlers apply mental skills across a variety of venues from agility, to conformation, to obedience, draft and more. Together we uncover the blocks then knock them down.


As a Berner owner I have a deep fondness for draft, yet I am passionate about taking things slow for the best results. My online draft class will help you put a solid foundation on your future draft partner.

Boot Camp

Sometimes you just need a swift kick in the rear to get you back to crushing those goals. This 5-day Boot Camp is just what you need to get centered and grounded in good habits.

What’s Mindset Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

A Q-Client put it best: “It’s like having a personal trainer for your mindset.” It’s true that what we focus on grows, and I will help you put tools in place to improve your performance with your dog in and out of the ring. Let’s dismantle the blocks holding you back.

Mental management. Mindset Skills. Mental Game.
These words all get thrown around, but that all boil down to one thing: You’ve got to have the right mindset to compete successfully at the highest levels.
Got a major event to get ready for?
Are your nationals coming up? Or even a local event where you really want to shine? Maybe a dog is coming back from rehab? Let’s get a plan down to prepare you for your big event without putting negative pressure on you and your teammate.
Do you get thrown by disappointment?
Bouncing back is tough for everyone – we don’t achieve something we really wanted, or just get thrown by life. How you bounce back is what counts – let’s get you some tools to help make that bounce faster!
Got ring nerves?
We are all brilliant in practice then struggle when we step across the line to compete. Together we will create habits and practices to increase your confidence when it matters most.

Best of the Q•Blog

Check out the Q-Blog for lessons, insights and stories from the ring. Some of the most popular posts: recounting the time I finished my CD but with loads of shame; and finishing our MACH while having my most disconnected run. Like, ever. Basically, I share my journey in hopes that it serves your journey. We are all students and I’m here learning too!

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3 steps to tame pressure

In the first of our blog series on gaining confidence, we started with ring nerves and their tie to the fears we take with us into the ring. This time we are going to look at pressure, where it comes from and how we can tackle it for what it really is. “Pressure” in...

Ever get nervous before you step into the ring?

Get nervous before you walk into the ring? Some amount of heightened energy is a good thing, but when your nerves get in the way of you being able to perform at your best, it’s a problem that deserves attention.

Dear stupidity: thank you, next

I knew the moment I looked at the clock, with those seconds converted to points, Indie qualified for the 2019 AKC Agility Nationals! I was ecstatic and near tears as this was yet another unexpected dream realized. We both ran back to her crate for her jackpot,...

Get your a$$ to the spiritual gym

Lately, I've been using my many hours per week of drive time to go to "the spiritual gym," a phrase (or a place?) I learned from listening to Jen Sincero's Bad Ass books. Think of it this way: you go to the gym to work out your body; to the training facility to work...

The promises we keep

About mid-June, a wonderful friend forwarded the standings for the 2018 AKC Agility Invitational in Orlando and Indie was still sitting in the Top 5 for "regular" Berners. I was floored as Indie really only ran at 24" a handful of times during this qualifying period....

Busting out of the dark

* Amazing photo by Q-Member, Ruth Nielsen @mazamadog * It happens. From time to time, we all get stuck in a dark place or in some corner we can't seem to break out of. Everyone has a different metaphor or visual, but I have likened it to a Roomba twirling around in a...

Dancing into the zone

This past weekend I was doing my usual "thing" and walking my agility course with my music playing through the earbuds. To be specific, I listen to a single song over and over on repeat for the duration of my prep time. I will listen to the same song for a season or...

Consider it done

I was helping a student understand the concept of shaping when it came to having a puppy offer getting onto a mat. The student was struggling as he wanted to "help" by luring, pointing and moving in the direction of the mat. I took his dog and a few cookies and...

Making time for JOY!

During the past few weekends of agility trials, I had the opportunity - completely by accident - to squeeze in a little fun, specifically for Indie. The first time it just so happened there was dock-diving in the adjacent parking lot during a 3-day agility trial....

Grief is not a contest

Another friend lost another of our beloved dogs who'd lived a long and very distinguished life but was gone too soon nonetheless. In the same week the car broke down and two of her other dogs each had a health scare of their own - it was raining crappy days. In the...

What Clients Are Saying

“What’s changed since I signed up for the program? First and foremost my dogs and I all are experiencing joy!! I have a plan when I walk into any ring about how to manage myself, which has made me more confident about my better conditioned and trained team and guess what, I’m experiencing more success then I ever have, having more fun than I ever have. People are noticing – they keep asking me what’s different and for once I can pin point exactly what’s different!”

– Lori, Colorado

“I was the biggest challenge for our team. Josie and I both were negatively affected by my nervous anxiety and stress until Julie applied her unique techniques to assist me in being the best handler/partner that I could be for our team. Julie’s coaching and support helped us to achieve successes I had not thought possible! ”

– Kim, North Carolina

Through my Q Coach sessions I’ve found ways to be a better teammate with my dog both in and out of the ring. I’ve learned new habits to enhance my success in training and those habits have spilled over into my day to day life where The Q Coach has given me powerful tools for significant lifestyle changes. Even though Julie is a great friend, I never dreamed that making her my “Coach” would be one of the smartest things I could have done. My Q Coach sessions have helped me make changes to become a much happier person. I know my dogs have benefited but the real benefit has been for me. I can’t recommend Q Coach enough!

– Ruth, Washington

About Me

I am a mental skills and performance coach who supports handlers in pursuit of their big goals. As a dedicated competitor myself, I understand what it’s like to want to win in many different arenas.

My clients include handlers who are at the top of their game in conformation, agility, draft, obedience/rally and more. It is my great honor to work with amazing handlers who are dedicated in their pursuit.

Start improving your mental game. Tell me how I can help you.

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