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The Q Coach

How many seminars, classes, and workshops have you taken to hone your dog handling skills? To learn new techniques? To train your puppy? Probably too many to count!

Now, how many seminars, classes or workshops have you taken to hone your mental game? To learn how to better prepare your team? To improve your results in the ring as a handler? I'm guessing very few if any.

And this is how it goes ... We spend so much of our time and money ensuring our dogs have the skills to walk into the agility, obedience, flyball, conformation, draft or another ring, yet as the other half of the team, what are we doing for ourselves?

The Q Coach was created to address the human half of our canine performance teams and to support us beyond the handling skills we acquire for our dogs. Our flagship program, Dream-n-Scheme, is rooted in an eBook that will provide essential tools to dream, plan, journal and let go in order to improve your results in and out of the ring.

We all have coaches for our handling skills, now you have a coach for your mental game. Welcome to The Q Coach!

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We all want better results every time we enter a trial, test or show. We have a certain picture of how it should go in our heads, and yet our minds can be our own worst enemies. The Q Coach is formed around a singular goal: get the results you want! Learn how to put a plan together that is easy to execute along with mental strategies to keep your performance on track.

Whether you are preparing for a national event, coming back after a long rehab or wanting to improve results at local obedience or agility trials, The Q Coach can support your goals from near-term to lifetime.

Are you ready to Q?

Our flagship program, Dream-n-Scheme, is designed to provide a structure in order to improve your performance and relationship with your dogs in and out of the ring.

The Dream-n-Scheme program works in conjunction with any handling system across all competitive dog environments. Our goal is to make sure you hit your goals from conformation to obedience to agility and beyond! 

We have created several delivery methods to match how you learn best - reading, live coaching, group settings and personalized intensives. Choose the method that's right for you and start your Q-Journey today!


"When I first started working with Julie I didn't tell anyone. Why? Because my friends know I'm as good as my last seminar - meaning I'm excited for the first three weeks after a seminar and then I fall back on the familiar. This time, I did the work because I wanted to and I stopped focusing on immediate results and started working on my short and long term goals. I've always had goals, I just never took the time to write them down, let alone break them down and become strategic about achieving them.  

"What's changed since I signed up for the program? First and foremost my dogs and I all are experiencing joy!! I have a plan when I walk into any ring about how to manage myself, which has made me more confident about my better conditioned and trained team and guess what, I'm experiencing more success then I ever have, having more fun than I ever have! And people are noticing - they keep asking me what's different and for once I can pin point exactly what's different!"  -- Lori, Colorado