Can you perform under pressure?

As handlers, we walk into every ring with goals - get the Q, finish the title, take the points ... We are on a mission.

The Q Coach improves your mindset through coaching & online programs so you can perform at your best.

The ultimate dog planner is now available!

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Championing Handlers in Pursuit of Their Dreams

1:1 Coaching

We all have specific challenges to overcome. Thankfully, there's no need to go it alone. Get the support you need with confidential personal coaching.

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I have a weekly podcast where I take on mindset challenges and provide tips and tools that you can put into place right away. Check it out!

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The Q-Membership ensures that you work on your mindset (almost) as much as you work on your handling skills! What we focus on improves! 

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What's mindset coaching? Who needs it?

A Q-Client put it best: “It’s like having a personal trainer for your mindset.” It’s true that what we focus on grows, and I will help you put tools in place to improve your performance with your dog in and out of the ring. Let’s dismantle the blocks holding you back.

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Need a workshop for your students?

So often we attend handling seminars and other skills workshops to improve our team's skills, but how often do we actively work on strengthening our mental game? I customize seminars (via Zoom or in-person) based on your group's needs and available time - from multi-week mini-sessions to a lecture during the lunch break - we can come up with something together.

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