Having or showing tenacity and persistence.
"Success required dogged determination."

Be dogged in the pursuit of your goals.

Set & Track Goals

A proven goal-setting methodology steps through how to set goals with action plans for every dog in your house. Capture your priorities and big goals for this year and beyond while also ensuring time for joy!

Calendar System 

Yearly, monthly, and weekly views complete with AKC week numbers. Schedule your entire dog life all in one place from big events to weekly training. Capture process goals as well as feedback to learn from your results.

Record Keeping

Purpose-built pages capture registration numbers, vaccine information, health checks, and in-season dates. Pages for title tracking help you celebrate milestones, points, and legs towards multiple goals for multiple dogs.

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Designed for handlers with big goals.

Goal-focused pages help you create a plan to ensure the year ahead is the most successful ever! Record-keeping sections track title progression, in-season dates, health records and more. A mid-year goal review keeps goals front and center, while notes pages allow for even more personalization.

A calendar system built for dog people.

Yearly, monthly, and weekly calendar spreads to record everything from big events to massage appointments. Weekly spreads reference AKC week numbers and contain space for capturing to-dos as well as goals for the weekend. Don't forget to jot down feedback for improvement and celebrations!

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dogged planner

The ULTIMATE dog planner to set your goals, schedule trials, capture dog information, track progress, and MORE!

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dogged journal

Use the dogged journal to track training sessions, log agility stickers, create rehab plans and anything you can imagine!

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dogged workbook

A goals-only workbook perfect if you need more goals pages for additional dogs or you don't need the calendar system.

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