The power of making a decision

goals May 20, 2021

I talk about goals a whole bunch, precisely the difference between outcome goals and process goals. But from now on, I'm adding a layer above outcome - decisions.

Decision. To decide. From my handy-dandy Mac app:

de·cide | dəˈsīd |

verb [with object]

come to a resolution in the mind as a result of consideration: [with infinitive] : they decided to appoint someone else | [with clause] : you've decided that a dog van is what you want.

  • make a choice from a number of alternatives: she had decided on her plan of action | I've decided I need another dog.
  • [with object] come to a decision about (something): we must decide the fates of the people who didn't pick up their dog poop.

A decision can also be legal. In other words, it's powerful.

Why am I talking about the definitions of "decide?" Because I think most of us are a little too soft about pursuing our dreams and goals. We "want" to achieve a whole list of things; we "hope" to acquire titles, awards, and such. But to "decide" we will - well, that's a more powerful story.

To me, a decision has a more determined quality to it; in the legal world, it has finality. Once you decide to do something, your thoughts and actions align toward that end. There's nothing to stop you because you've decided you will do it. Credit to Yoda, there is no try, only do.

Think about some of the big decisions in your life. Leaving or taking a job, moving, buying a car, getting married (or divorced) … What went into those moments? Did you come to them lightly? Or was there planning and consideration that informed your choice? Were you deliberate? What happened after you decided?

Deciding has a different energy to it, doesn't it? It's like there is no other outcome - it's decided! So, I'm asking you to reframe some of your biggest goals and dreams as decisions.

  • I've made a decision to get a MACH.
  • I've decided to have a great specialty/show.
  • I've decided to get a puppy with a particular pedigree.
  • I've decided to qualify for X.

Once the decision is made, all that is left is the planning. Putting the milestones, process goals, and strategies in place to retrieve what is already yours. Yes, there is a bit of manifesting mo-jo in a decision, but more than that, there's clarity! So. Much. Clarity.

Here's your challenge: BE MORE DECISIVE! Don't back down. Don't temper or qualify your dreams. Don't water down your hopes. Make some decisions, then align your actions accordingly. Go all in. Put a stake in the ground.

Will "stuff" happen? Maybe. But you will find a way through. Because you've decided and that is the most potent step!

Homework: Make some decisions! Reframe 2-3 of your goals/dreams as decisions. Let me know what you decide ;)

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