Mid-year goal refresh.

goals Jul 04, 2023

So by now, you probably know I'm obsessed with goal setting. It's more than coming up with goals, rather it's creating a plan to make sure they come to fruition. We all have goals, but we don't all have plans.

{If you're unfamiliar, I have a whole methodology that spurred an online course, plus a planner and workbook. So yes, obsessed!}

To keep our goals on track and hold ourselves accountable for real progress, we need to crack open those planners and start by taking a look back - in this case, look back six months. Lucky for us, measuring progress is best done by looking at bigger chunks of time - months vs. weeks or days.

If we look at just last weekend, we might not be able to see progress (or we might feel we took steps backward), but when we think about everything we've done in the last three to six months, the picture becomes rosier. So that's your first step in this mid-year refresh:

  • Look back at the previous six months.
  • Review everything that went right.
  • Mark the progress made.

Next, you can pull out your goals for the year to measure your progress against those plans:

  • Are you ahead of schedule?
  • Behind where you want to be?
  • Do any goals need to change?
  • Should goals be added or subtracted?

From there, it's time to look ahead to the rest of the year:

  • Review your trial calendar.
  • Adjust your trial plans based on your goals.
  • Make sure you are allowing rest weeks.
  • Determine if some trials are practice for bigger events.

Carve out meaningful time to review and reset your goals for the second half of the year - your goals and you are worth the effort! When we plan it out, we know where our focus and energy need to go. We reinvest in goals that we had let slide and maybe even take time to celebrate how far we've come!

We are a greedy bunch when it comes to the goals we have and all that we want to accomplish - I know I am! And that's great - I want you to be greedy! I just also want you to have a realistic plan as to how you will accomplish those things and a method to hold yourself accountable.

Let's make the next six months even better than the first!

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