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best of the blog manifesting Feb 21, 2018

In my coaching, I talk about having “handler goals,” or goals that you as a handler want to accomplish, but which may not fit with the dogs sleeping beside you. These are in addition to, and separate from the goals we have for our dogs. When I talk about this, I use my own handler goal of one day having a dog entered at Westminster who is competitive. In my head I meant showing in the breed ring, but I didn’t specify – I just said, “show at Westminster.”

So imagine my delight when I “accidentally” (?!) accomplished my goal in spite of not having a competitive breed dog. Indie is my only finished Champion thus far, and while I would like to get her GCH, she is by no means a true “special.” And yet, here she was with an assigned benching area for Westminster. Well, look at us!

Always obsessed

I’ve always been one who believes in the power of manifesting. I’ve successfully manifested a couple of dog vans, a gorgeous farm, and even a dog. I will also tell you that none of those things showed up in a way I expected – including Westminster. I learned a long time ago that I basically have no clue as to how things might come in, and this is in spite of my control-freak nature.

Back before the word “manifesting” was cool, I would have said that I “put it out to the universe,” and that is still true. Since making it known to said universe that I wanted to live on big space in the country for my dogs, I have honed my game and studied up on this seemingly magic principle.

Manifesting begins with a clear vision of what we want – paint the entire picture, use all the Crayons! If you’ve worked with me, you know that I also believe that visualizing is 10x more powerful when paired with emotions – feel what it would be like to get that car or home. Incorporate as many senses as possible – birds chirping, dinner on the stove, you in your slippers.

We used to call this daydreaming and a teacher or two might have admonished us for it back in the day, yet sitting with a focused picture of what you want does, in fact, call it forward. Think that’s baloney? It’s not. Knowing what you want means you’re always on the lookout for it; you’re open to it happening; you’re allowing.

Move your feet

Lest you think all you have to do is stare out a window dreaming of your new home, there is more to it. You must move your feet – even if it’s just a shuffle – in the direction of your dream. When I wanted to get my first dog van, I had no idea how that might happen or where to even start. But I did start. I started by doing searches online and getting familiar with the used market. I would make an inquiry here and there until the right one found me. I ended up buying that first van off of one of those sketchy lots that look like they could be gone in the morning, but I walked in and paid cash and they delivered it the next day. I moved my feet in the direction of my desire and the universe rewarded my action.

The hardest action

It’s easy for those of us who want something to want to also control the entire process of getting it. Again, we would be wrong. The hardest part of manifesting is letting go of HOW that dream comes to you. If you would have told me I would buy my van from some weird corner lot I would have winced. And if you would have told you I would take my non-special breed champion to Westminster I might have actually said aloud, “Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?”

When we let go of the HOW, we actually open ourselves up to MORE possibilities, not fewer. We start to see clues and opportunities in a way that says, “maybe that’s how this happens,” instead of being so determined that something has to come forward in a specific way. Our imagination kicks in. Our eyes open. Synchronicities appear. Almost like magic 🙂

This or something better

My day of Westminster Agility was amazing. A close friend went with me to help and share her experiences along with her home. At some point between entering and driving north, I realized I had, in fact, manifested showing a dog at WKC who had as good a chance as any of making the finals, aka being competitive. The HOW was a surprise, one that made me laugh aloud when it all clicked as to what I’d done. Yet the experience was even better than my vision.

“This or something better” is what I tack on to my stated desire when I manifest as who am I do dream small?! I didn’t “accidentally” manifest Westminster, I manifested something better.

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