How it all started!

goals mindset Feb 09, 2024

I consider February my anniversary month. I don't remember the exact day I launched The Q Coach, but I know it was this month, eight years ago! (Wow!)


There were two things I knew I wanted to address in the dog handler community: goal-setting and the mental game. Goal-setting because every handler had big goals but didn't seem to have tangible plans to achieve them - handlers needed a way to both track progress and break down their dreams.


As a teen competing with horses, I learned the importance of a healthy mindset and was surprised to see that few handlers were discussing it. A strong mental game is critical to performing in big moments, growing confidence, and executing consistently.


Today, more people are talking about the importance of a solid mental game, and it makes me so happy that handlers are embracing this critical skill - woohoo!


You likely know the rest of the story. That first PDF evolved into an online course, the dogged planner and workbook. Other online courses grow confidence, improve resilience, address pressure, slay ring nerves, and even get started in carting.


I still offer 1:1 coaching, which is the fastest way to lasting breakthroughs for handlers. Additionally, my podcast and the membership are in their fourth year, which helps me reach more and more handlers!


To celebrate, I have TWO offers for you!


First, If you're ready to work on your mindset weekly (which is still less than you work your dogs!), it's time to join the Q-Membership! Get an extra private coaching session when you choose the annual option!


Second, speaking of coaching ... take 20% off of a 4-session coaching package when you use QVERSARY at checkout.


And yes, you can do both the membership AND the coaching package :)

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