Can you manifest a Q? Kind of.

goals manifesting Aug 17, 2021

The idea of “manifesting” is hardly new - some people think it’s crap and others swear by it. No matter where you fall on this continuum, you’re right, of course. Me? I’m firmly in the manifesting camp but I don’t believe you can simply wish something into existence - you’ve got to “move your feet.”

When people (including me) talk about manifesting, they may say they are “throwing it out into the universe.” If they are religious, they will put their request in the form of a prayer. In both cases, it is a clear, focused intention in a very specific direction. The best requests are crystal clear enough that you could ask Alexa to deliver it. Clarity plus faith is a powerful combination.

The “moving your feet” part means taking action in the direction you want to go. From staying committed, to taking whatever small steps in the direction of your goal even when all the steps aren’t yet revealed.

Manifesting and goal setting have a LOT in common. Clarity of goals, knowing why you want what you want, gathering feedback, making decisions … they go together like PB&J.

The part that many people get wrong is that they focus on the how. They try to “make” it happen. In other words, they focus on the outcome instead of staying in the process. Or they will only accept their desire if it comes in a particular way. Sometimes big things surprise us in how they are delivered, proving once again that we don’t have as much control as we’d like to believe.

Today, I found out that my financing was approved for my Airstream. Now, I’ve held this dream for many years, but it always seemed that something got in the way - that it wasn’t the right time. But I stayed clear, I kept my raz on for clues, and I picked up little supplies here and there. My friends sent me ornaments and mugs and photos of sightings. There was much manifesting.

Then last month my roomie decided she was selling her home and I was pushed into action. I looked at rental homes (not easy with 3 Berners), and my friend brought up the Airstream dream.

This was decidedly not the “how” I had pictured, and yet here was my silver opportunity. Who am I to question it?

Whether you want to manifest a MACH or a trip to the Invitational/Classic or some other big goal, there are a lot of aspects you don’t control. For instance, the first time I went to the Invitational I went as the #6 dog - how could I have predicted that my good friend would opt out and give me her spot? I had wanted to show at Westminster one day - who knew it would be in agility and not conformation?

We set the big goals and set off to pursue them, yet we will never be 100% in control. So we work the process and we hand the rest of it over.

I’m not saying you have to believe in divine intervention (but you may), or that manifesting is the magic ingredient. What I am suggesting is that getting good at manifesting will help to clarify your goals and make space for things to unfold in unexpected ways. Think of it as another tool in your kit.

In case you want to give it a go, I am including my Manifesting Guide as a free download when you click on any of the links in this post. It takes you step-by-step to building your manifesting skills and also has some journaling prompts to get your mind going. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, if you need me I will be mentally decorating my new-to-me Airstream until I can pick it up next month!

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