Are you thinking about your energy?

energy mindset Aug 01, 2023

Every once in a while, I get kinda fixated on a concept. Right now, that's our energy as handlers and how it impacts every aspect of our dog sports.


Spoiler alert: This week's podcast and the Q-Membership for August are all about energy.


Energy is a huge part of how we show up for our dogs and ourselves on any given day. For example, we can all relate to having a bad day spillover into our attitude when running our dogs. Our dogs do this too. They can be enthusiastic and happy or sullen and disconnected - it's all energy.


And because we are so connected to our dogs and them to us, when our energies aren't aligned, it shows up in our connection and performance. Maybe we're too frustrated to get the sequence in class or our dogs are pushing every last button. Energy matters.


As a result of my fixation on energy, I've now added "energetic goals" to the process goals I set for a trial, run, or class. For instance, wanting my dogs to have "fun" in the ring becomes an energetic goal, and it's up to me to figure out EXACTLY how I can make that happen. After all, a process goal has to be 100% in my control.


Another way to think about energetic goals is how you want to show up. Who do you want to be at a trial? At class? As a competitor? We get to decide and work toward being just that.


We also get to envision how our dogs show up in different environments. Do we want a seasoned, calm dog on a hiking trail? Do we want a hyped-up dog on the agility line? We often articulate what we don't want, but how much time do you spend envisioning what you do want?


Building awareness about what energy you are bringing and then spending time thinking about the energy you desire will go a long way. Be honest, how much have you thought about how you want to show up as a team? How much do you think about the kind of day you want to have?


Want more? Listen to my podcast this Thursday, and consider joining the Q-Membership!

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