What does a backache have to do with mindset?

handler skills mindset Feb 14, 2023

My back is killing me. It's day two, and I have zero patience for it.

I'm doing a nine-week workout program, and this girl likes to stay "caught up." I carefully pushed through yesterday, but today I popped a muscle relaxer, slathered on magnesium, and put on comfy clothes instead.

This is what listening to my body looks like. This is self-care. This is resting. And I'm not always that great at it. So, in a weird sense, I am proud of myself for not-doing.

Now, WTF does this have to do with mindset? Because both listening and self-care are critical pieces of growing stronger and building the stamina we need to be fierce. It's simple, we've got to take care of our machine.

The same is obviously true for our dogs - rest and recovery time, along with massage, acupuncture, and everything else we do for them. We take great care of them PROACTIVELY, yet we need to wait until something happens for us to realize we deserve the same treatment (reactive).

For me, I know it comes from two places. First, I hate being faced with the truth that I'm not fully in control (grrrrr). And second, I feel like I SHOULD be doing something and that I, therefore, need to push through. Can anyone else relate?

But this thinking does NOT help our mindsets. We don't control everything, and sometimes pushing through is the wrong thing to do. Part of cultivating a strong mindset is being proactive in our self-care and giving ourselves what we need to be strong.

Today I will shift my plans, borrow the dog laser coat, and rest in order to be strong tomorrow.

How are you with self-care? What will you do for yourself today?

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