Own your mantra!

Did you know there is Q-Merch?

I created a few products designed to be worn or carried at trials to remind you of your mindset. They're perfect for you and make great gifts!

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Six colors to hold your thoughts!

The Believe journal is 121 pages of dot-grid wonderfulness so you can use them for notes, sketches, bullet journaling, holding agility stickers, taking seminar notes, making conditioning plans, logging training progress, and more! Click on the color below to purchase.

From lower left to upper right:

Plum, PeriwinkleCharcoal 

Eggshell blue, Sand loop de loopTreetop.

They make great gifts!


Want to wear your intentions? Head to my Etsy store and hit the Q Coach link to narrow your shopping! (There's a sweatshirt too!) While you're there check out all the great dog loot!!