I was doing an online coaching class in Facebook this week about growing our business. And the teacher wanted us to write a “love letter” to our business. As I answered her question, I decided I wanted to share it with all of you!

The Origin Story
I love the mental game, always have. I knew back when I rode horses, my mindset was a huge part of my success, yet my 16-year-old self did not have the vocabulary I do today. It was clear to me that the truly successful people were the ones who could lay it down when the stakes were high.

Back then, it looked like mental “toughness” to me because from the outside; the really great competitors looked tough, hard even. Now I understand they were focused in their own little world. They got dressed that morning to win.

Fast forward to my mid-forties. I was having a job/identity crisis as one does, and I was listening to Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions. In words I had not heard strung together in just that way, she asked, “What do you love doing?” “Teaching!” I heard my heart answer. I love teaching and seeing that moment when the proverbial light goes on in someone – the moment it all clicks.

At the time, I was teaching a few handling classes but knew there was something else out there. The search was on in earnest. It would take another year or two before my own lightbulb moment would happen, and I would launch The Q Coach with an eBook and coaching as my first offerings.

That first course, Dream-n-Scheme, was born out of sharing my own strategy for defining and setting goals, planning to achieve them, and incorporating mindset techniques to perform in the ring. The importance of process goals over outcome was baked in long ago.

During this time, I also re-read a mission statement I penned in the mid-90s during a Franklin Covey productivity class (who else remembers their Franklin planner?!?). Within that lengthy mission was this sentence: “To teach the part of the game I am the best at, the mind.” And there it was. Twenty years in the making, I had manifested The Q Coach.

Today, I am trying to reach more people, develop more courses, listen and respond to what handlers want to learn. It’s work to build any business, but I’m reminded of something Elizabeth Gilbert writes about in “Big Magic.”
She writes about finding what you love to do. While I’m butchering the exact words, the concept is to find something you love doing so much that you’re “willing to eat the shit sandwich.” Meaning take all the bad parts, too. It’s how I feel about The Q Coach and it’s how I feel about my life with dogs, too.

I love what I do. I love helping my clients and hearing all of the success stories, the big and little victories. I believe that everyone needs someone in their corner to wipe their brow, know when to kick their butt, know when to console, and be there to celebrate. I look forward to what awaits in the coming year and beyond!

Thanks to my followers and clients who motivate me to create more content and who do me the honor of trusting me in our coaching sessions.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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