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Q-Membership - Join Us! - The Q Coach

The Q Coach

Q-Membership - Join Us!


***  NOTE: The Q-Membership began in March for 2017. You may still join, and I will send the content from the previous months to you.  ***


As a Q-Member, here's what you'll get:

  • Two (2) personal coaching sessions to be used throughout the year. Bunch them together or spread them out - your choice!
  • Monthly specialized content delivered via video and/or audio with discussion on the private Dream-n-Scheme Facebook group.
  • Monthly meditations and mantras.
  • Quarterly interactive webinars with discussion on the private Dream-n-Scheme Facebook group.
  • FREE bonus swag delivered with a bow :)
  • First access to new programs and offerings with special discounts.


We start with Spring on the Equinox - March 20th - so commit now!

Annual Membership: $229 (That's just $19/month)

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