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Are you a dog trainer or professional who needs a little support in creating and managing your online presence? Does the thought of dealing with "all that technical stuff" make you want to crawl into a hole and hide?

Whether it's a straightforward blog to share ideas, a more complex website like this one or just upping your social media game, I can help.

I can help you understand the importance of building your email list, when to use which social media platform, how to incorporate free tools and more, all with the goal of building your business.

Most of my career I have spent in marketing, either within companies or as a consultant. I have built websites, written (and re-written) marketing content and helped people to generally increase awareness about their offerings.

Even the best coaches need to stay on top of their game. Learn more about my experience here or contact me and we can discuss your marketing needs. 


Check out some of the websites I've done for dog professionals:

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Anatar Bernese Mountain Dogs & Clumber Spaniels

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