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From an eBook + Coaching client ...

"The Dream-n-Scheme program piqued my interest because it was focused on me as the handler. You see, I've taken numerous seminars that have been very beneficial about various ways to train my dog but I always came away with many missing pieces that involved me as the handler. I continued to struggle with things like ring nerves, confidence, time to train my dog(s) and consistency in training, conditioning and having fun with my beloved pups.

"This program enlightened me in many important ways. First off, I have two 10 year old Berners who were becoming coach potatoes and I discovered they still wanted to have fun and do fun stuff. I suddenly focused on bringing joy to their lives and made time for it. My young pup was being trained all the time yet the conditioning piece was lacking as was joy!! The eBook and the planner quickly helped me discover my gaps and helped work on filling them. My dogs and I finally had a solid balance that was long overdue.

"My ring nerves and my confidence have been my achilles heel for my entire career. Honestly, on numerous occasions, I've defeated myself and my dog before I've entered the ring by measuring every mistake and then holding onto them. Julie helped me from day one uncouple my failures from my successes. I learned to celebrate success and to smooth out my failures by thinking through each situation. She really coached me to become planned and strategic in my approach and I started experiencing success.  

"Julie's one-on-one approach and positive coaching helped me eliminate the "noise" in my head around shows!! She was quick to celebrate success and help me realize how and why I achieved it. My training was no longer based solely on luck or positive thinking although we all know they can help! When I experienced bad luck or something not so great happen she'd say things like "light a candle and let it go" suddenly I was free!!! 

"I personally like the fact that Julie is fresh, dynamic and not old school. She is up to date and knowledgeable on animal communicators, puppy training, conditioning exercises etc... One could  say it's out of the box but not so far out of the box that you are off the rails. She's smart, talented and funny too!!

"She is always upbeat and positive and the practices what she preaches. This program and its practices have complimented the training and classes I do locally with obedience, agility and conformation teachers. Julie is a breath of fresh air. I have started using and have become a believer in essential oils and their benefits. 

"When I first started working with Julie I didn't tell anyone. Why? because my friends know I'm as good as my last seminar - meaning I'm excited for the first three weeks after a seminar and then I fall back on the familiar. This time, I did the work because I wanted to and I stopped focusing on immediate results and started working on my short and long term goals. I've always had goals, I just never took the time to write them down, let alone break them down and become strategic about achieving them.  

"What's changed since I signed up for the program? First and foremost my dogs and I all are experiencing joy!! I have a plan when I walk into any ring about how to manage myself, which has made me more confident about my better conditioned and trained team and guess what, I'm experiencing more success then I ever have, having more fun than I ever have. People are noticing - they keep asking me what's different and for once I can pin point exactly what's different! 

"Thank you Julie Bacon and your coaching - it's changed me forever!!"

-- Lori, Colorado


From an Intensive client ...

"Josie and I are fortunate to have a supportive local group of friends to practice and train with here. Her breeder has been more then helpful with training and raising my "Novice A" puppy. I have been really lucky to have had terrific trainers teaching Josie and I, especially Blair, who has given us so much more than agility lessons. I thought I had acquired all the tools necessary to work with Josie but something still was missing until I met Julie Bacon and experienced her intensive training and coaching.

"I was the biggest challenge for our team. Josie and I both were negatively affected by my nervous anxiety and stress until Julie applied her unique techniques to assist me in being the best handler/partner that I could be for our team. I cannot recommend Julie enough, her coaching and support helped us to achieve successes that I had not yet thought possible! If you need any assistance with your dog training or competing then you need Julie Bacon in your in your toolbox!"

-- Kim, North Carolina