My Favorite Things

As an entrepreneur at heart, I get involved in things I love. Right now this includes Le-Vel Thrive, doTerra essential oils, and my own Tugrrrs leashes. I’m also very proud to be an instructor at A Click Above.


Le-Vel Thrive is Amazing!

I first tried Thrive in 2015 after seeing a friend post about her experience on Facebook. Like me, she wasn’t one to fall for hype and she was getting results!! Take a look for yourself, but I will tell you I have more energy, mental focus, lower inflammation and reduced appetite. I also notice that my often erratic sugar levels no longer spike and dive which greatly improves how I feel throughout the day. I use the capsules, “patch” (Black Label), shake (vanilla) and Form, the college protein.

Try it regularly (key!) for a month and you’ll see the difference! And be sure to order on “AutoShip” for the best price (you can easily cancel if you change your mind without obligation!).


doTerra Raving Fan!

During the last dozen years, I have been trying to make better choices about what goes in, on and around my person, and I do the same for my dogs. It’s truly a journey of education and exposure to new – and sometimes old – ways of thinking.

I was first exposed to essential oils as aromatherapy right after college and I soon learned they had so many more properties and benefits to offer. Several years ago I became involved with doTerra for their quality and value and now I consider myself a mad collector!! They are my go-to when I want to boost my immune system, heal a strain or reduce stress. I use them on the dogs to ward off kennel cough, heal a hot spot or support them on the road. I now give an Introductory lesson as part of my workshops.

Check out the selection and be sure to click “Join and Save” for the best deals.


It Takes Two to Tug™

Early on in my agility career with Karma, I was frustrated with the tug-leashes available and I decided to make my own. That one mad idea blossomed into a whole bunch of fleece and an Etsy store. Now my leashes are used across the US and Canada by many of the best in the sport including international team members.

Soft on your hands, but strong enough to hold up to fierce flyball tuggers, my Tugrrrs come in two diameters each with a claw clip for easy use even with winter gloves. There is a large selection of colors on our store and we enjoy making custom combinations. Follow us on Instagram for even more product photos and color combinations!


More Planners

If you’re a devotee of the Dream-n-Scheme program, then you are probably living by your dog planner or journal. I have admitted to firmly not deciding my favorite and instead have narrowed it down to two favorites.

The first one is from Danielle LaPorte (also the creator of the temporary tattoos I love, the cards I give out in workshops and more goodies). I use this one for my personal and work lives. It comes in both daily and weekly views.

I also like the Erin Condren planners and am currently using one of hers for my dog stuff. You can customize these to your heart’s content plus add accessories like pen holders, pockets and more. You can even add a photo to the back cover for added inspiration!


A Click Above

In a perfect twist of fate I ended up referred to A Click Above in Leesburg, VA for training my then crazy puppy. That was in 2007 and I am a proud assistant instructor for obedience, rally and agility. I also hold draft (carting) seminars there and serve as the registrar.