Lately, I’ve been using my many hours per week of drive time to go to “the spiritual gym,” a phrase (or a place?) I learned from listening to Jen Sincero’s Bad Ass books. Think of it this way: you go to the gym to work out your body; to the training facility to work with your dog; to the spiritual gym to work on your spiritual and mental mindset.

On my drives, I am listening to online courses, lectures, and books to further the mental state I want to be in. I’m in control of what comes into my head (rather than passively listening to the radio or news, for instance), and I am deliberate about where I want to grow and how I want to feel.

Another way to head to the spiritual gym is through meditation – be it a walking meditation in nature or taking to the pillow. Taking the time to recharge and listen is important work, and I believe, imperative to training your mind to be able to get into the competitive zone faster and “on demand.”

Similarly, working out physically can also have amazing mental benefits as we clear away the concerns of the day to focus on investing in our physical health and self-care. I’ve had some great ideas on a rowing machine when I’m willing to leave my grocery list at the door and be in the moment. So yes, I count that as a two-for-one in the gym category.

Journaling qualifies for spiritual gym time, even if you are just using “prompts” to spur thinking about the topic. I recently shared 21 days of journaling prompts with the Q-Members in our private Facebook group and some really great conversations sparked as people were willing to share their responses to the prompts.

We all know that what we focus on gets results, so if you want your mindset (or mood, or outlook, or practice …) to change, you have to work at it. Commit to getting yourself to the spiritual gym – start with a few times per week then increase it as desired. Let me know what your spiritual gym routine is! 🙂

Six Prompts from the Q-Members group

Here are some of the prompts that stirred the Q-Members. Sit with each and see what comes forward.

  • What fears are coming up for me lately?
  • What are you craving right now?
  • What’s your go-to way of sabotaging yourself (aka getting in your own way)?
  • What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
  • What story (or limiting belief) is it safe to let go of now?
  • How would it feel if your goals and dreams already came true? Feel into it!