eBooks from The Q Coach


Goals are just wishes until you put a plan in place. 

With the Dream-n-Scheme eBook you will get the tools to:

  • Establish goals from lifetime down to three-month milestones for every dog in your home – even seniors!
  • Learn to balance competition, training, conditioning, and JOY!
  • Put a structure in place to capture all activities from big competitions to regular trials to conditioning and training.
  • Measure results starting with capturing (and celebrating) progress.
  • Introduce some mental strategies to support your performance goals.
  • Discover strategies for minimizing nerves and maximizing confidence.

The eBook is perfect for those who learn well by reading and who want to work at their own pace.

The Dream-n-Scheme program works in conjunction with any handling system across all competitive dog environments. Our goal is to make sure you hit your goals from conformation to obedience to agility and beyond!