Q-Confidence Masterclass

If you have a desire and passion to perform at your best, then you need a strong mental game and plan to achieve your dreams. Maybe you need to control your ring nerves, or maybe you’re afraid to fail. Perhaps you’re easily thrown off you game or need support getting into the zone. Regardless of what is getting in your way, something is keeping you for achieving your goals. Let’s create a new mindset – one that has you knocking down your goals in 2020! 

Confidence is Built

When the pressure is on, are you able to perform at your best?

The Q-Confidence Masterclass was created to help handlers overcome the mental obstacles keeping them from performing at their best. From addressing general performance anxiety to learning how to stay focused and “in the zone” to overcoming big fears and traumas, this Masterclass will help you build the confidence you crave.

Over the course of eight weeks, you will adopt skills, tools and lessons to show you how to cultivate confidence in yourself while building rituals and habits to support you from local trials to national events.

This comprehensive approach to developing confidence is appropriate for all experience levels and all performance sports.

You will learn...

  • Tools and practices to conquer ring nerves.
  • What separates confident handlers from the rest.
  • How confidence can be created and nurtured.
  • The mindset you need to be a successful, happy handler.
  • How to turn confidence into results.
  • Skills to stay present and focused under pressure.
  • How to set goals that support your confidence.
  • How to overcome fears and past negative experiences.


“The Q-Confidence Masterclass offered by Q-Coach Julie Bacon is the perfect way for you and your dog to level up your skills as a trainer and competitor. An important part of competition is our own mental preparation but that is too often neglected. This Master Class is full of guidance on how to make the best of your mental game – your dog will thank you.”

Ruth, Washington

Eight-Week Course Delivered Right to Your Phone

Get support when and where you need it – at the trial.

This comprehensive, eight-week Q-Confidence Masterclass has three components: Video content, Written content and Facebook community.

Video Lessons

Weekly lessons covering the following topics:

  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Setting goals for confidence
  • Knocking back limiting beliefs and negative self-talk
  • Bouncing back from setbacks and disappointments
  • Overcoming fears and past traumas
  • Creating habits and rituals to nurture confidence

Written Homework and Prompts

Multiple times throughout each week, you will receive:

  • Prompts and challenges to put the lessons into action
  • Inspirational quotes to motivate you during competition
  • Summaries of lessons with key takeaways so the content is always handy
  • All of this delivered to your phone so you can save it in your library and refer to it at the trial

Facebook Community

Access to a closed, private Facebook group:

  • Closed, safe space where you can learn from other Masterclass members
  • Convenient repository for links to videos, homework and other content
  • Private FB Live events during our two integration weeks where I will take questions and we can work through blocks
  • A community where you can ask questions, post progress and lift others working on their confidence.

Ultimate Convenience!

Because we are all on the road traveling to classes, trials and appointments, this Masterclass will be delivered right to your phone! No more waiting until you are in front of your laptop to consume the week’s lesson – consume the content wherever you are. The videos, homework, inspirational messages and challenges will all be sent over the course of each week to your device. Watch the video for a little preview – So easy!

I have been a client of Julie’s for several years now. I continue to be impressed with the addition of each new course she offers. They continue to be chock full of new material and content yet continue to build upon one another. She has outdone herself with the Masterclass. Julie offers one of a kind coaching specific to gaining a richer, deeper relationship with your dog and being more confident in all you set out to achieve together.

Lori, Colorado


Why me. Why this course.

Performance anxiety has gotten the best of everyone at some point. On two separate occasions, I gave myself a migraine before walking into the ring at national events. Each time I would have told you that I was more excited than nervous, per se, yet both times I REALLY wanted to do well. Needless to say, my dog could feel that I was “off” and our connection and of course, our performance suffered. (Read the full story over on the blog.)

 What I learned from these experiences is that nervousness or excitement are really forms of heightened energy that are less than useful to the moment. Too much energy is as bad as too little. It becomes a Goldilocks problem I suppose – you strive for “just right.”

These two incidents were about three months apart and as a result, I doubled down on my meditation practice in an effort to better control the highs and low of my energy, and therefore my ability to perform under pressure – even if that pressure was self-created! I also went back to the sports psychologist and took some courses to really hone my mental game.

I will always consider myself a lifelong student, but I’m confident I can help you bring out your best.

Photo by Christine Mann

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This Masterclass is run quarterly.

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