Q-Boot Camp

Feel like you need a quick way to improve your mental game?
Have you been “letting yourself off the hook” when it comes to sticking to good habits?
Do you want some quick things you can do to improve your results in and out of the ring?

The 5-day Boot Camp is just the thing to get you refocused, centered and grounded in good habits that yield results. I want you to feel as though you have the tools you need to improve your results and improve your mental mindset. After all, having practices at the ready is how you can regain control of your mindset when life gets challenging.

This 5-day boot camp was created to get your goal-crushing back to where it should be – fast! We go big every day for 5 days and it starts on the Monday after you join. Once you commit, you can save the daily emails forever and re-do the challenges when you need them. It’s also a great way to “try out” what The Q Coach has to offer.


Perfect for whenever you need a kick in the a$$.

In the email-based course you will receive:

NOTE: There is no digital download for this course! By signing up, you will get daily emails starting THE MONDAY AFTER YOU JOIN.

  • Daily emails Monday through Friday, straight to your inbox.
  • Daily challenges.
  • Daily meditations.
  • Daily mantras.
  • Ideas for how to plan your week via how I plan my own.
  • Video lessons.
  • Homework.
  • Resources.

The 5 Day Q Challenge was just what I needed!! I had been chasing an Agility Q that would make my boy a BMDCA Working Dog Excellent. I’d been chasing this Q and subsequent title for years and had put soooo much pressure on myself at every start line. I thought my issue was knocked bars but my issue was me and the pressure I put in myself and translated to my teammate. The 5-day challenge helped me reassess my goals and I decided to focus on just a clean run, work on my mental state while training and at trials. I started envisioning my clean run, eliminating the “noise” of other competitors staying positive in my self-talk and meditating when I started getting rattled. The 5-day challenge put more tools in my toolbox that I use every day with my boy who did achieve his Working Dog Excellent.

Lori - Colorado


This email-based course is perfect for:

  • Handlers who have fallen off the good-habits wagon and want back on!
  • Handlers who want to do it alone and go all in for a big week.
  • Handlers who want to try out our methodology.
  • Handlers who want some quick wins!

The 5 Day Q Challenge is just the thing to refresh, regroup or reboot your training with your best friend. Julie coached me as I began training my Novice A dog and helped us to acquire the tools and skills necessary to build our strong bond and working foundation. As we have gained experience with trials and time, she has been an irreplaceable source of knowledge and information for our continued success. These Q Challenges provide great exercises for your current and future training needs which bring you the best resources as you and your training skills grow and improve. I highly recommend participating in The Q Coach 5 Day Challenge as the perfect opportunity to see for yourself the benefits from Julie’s unique, intuitive and personalized coaching.

Ruth - Washington


Why me. Why this course.

For me, it comes down to creating an environment where I am most likely to be successful. Over time, these tools and actions become a habit and second nature, but in the beginning, it takes practice! I have been competing with animals (first horses, now dogs) since I was a kid. I absolutely LOVE partnering with animals to see what we can do as a team – I’m totally addicted! I love the competitive aspect too, which means I enjoy winning more than losing (haha). The mental management game has always fascinated me and I realized as a teenager that success in the ring was more than having the best horse or skills – success is tied to mindset.

Fast forward and I am now dog-obsessed and have shifted to bringing the mental game into the dog sports from agility to conformation to obedience to draft … and beyond. I am passionate about how we show up for ourselves and our dogs when we step to the line and I am here to share that passion with you.

Photo by Chris Stefanac

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