Set the right goals. Create concrete plans. Capture training feedback. Strengthen your mental game.

S L A Y  Y O U R  G O A L S!


How many seminars, classes, and workshops have you taken to hone your dog handling skills? To learn new techniques? To train your puppy? Probably too many to count!

Now, how many seminars, classes or workshops have you taken to hone your mental game? To learn how to better prepare your team? To improve your results in the ring as a handler? I’m guessing very few if any.

And this is how it goes … We spend so much of our time and money ensuring our dogs have the skills to walk into the agility, obedience, flyball, conformation, draft or other rings, yet as the other half of the team, what are we doing for ourselves? 

 The Q Coach was created to address the human half of our canine performance teams and to support us beyond the handling skills we acquire for our dogs. Our flagship program, Dream-n-Scheme, will provide essential tools to set the right goals, create concrete plans, capture training feedback and strengthen your mental game in order to improve your results in and out of the ring.


Goals are just wishes until you put a plan in place.

Dream-n-Scheme will give you the tools to:

The Dream-n-Scheme program works in conjunction with any handling system across all competitive dog environments. Our goal is to make sure you hit your goals from conformation to obedience to agility and beyond!

  • Establish goals from lifetime down to three-month milestones for every dog in your home – even seniors!
  • Learn to balance competition, training, conditioning, and JOY!
  • Put a structure in place to capture all activities from big competitions to regular trials to conditioning and training.
  • Measure results starting with capturing (and celebrating) progress.
  • Introduce some mental strategies to support your performance goals.
  • Discover strategies for minimizing nerves and maximizing confidence.
  • This course is perfect for those who learn well by working at their own pace and who want to come back and freshen their skills.
“Do you frequently leave the ring and everything is a blur? After taking this program and instilling its practices, I now enter the ring with a plan, work my plan in the ring and exit the ring with full awareness. I can diagnose the experience because I can now “think”!!! I now have a foundation to work from which enables me to actually “learn” from each experience!!!” Lori - Colorado

Our flagship course goes online

In this online course, you will receive:

  • The Dream-n-Scheme ebook with worksheet pages.
  • Eleven (11!) videos across four modules.
  • Three bonus videos.
  • One bonus ebook: Q-Manifest.
  • The course is available to you for-ever-more so be sure to bookmark the content pages.
  • All of the content is available as soon as you complete the checkout process – no waiting for the next module to drop!

Through my Q Coach sessions I’ve found ways to be a better teammate with my dog both in and out of the ring. I’ve learned new habits to enhance my success in training and those habits have spilled over into my day to day life where the Q Coach has given me powerful tools for significant lifestyle changes. Even though Julie is a great friend I never dreamed that making her my “Coach” would be one of the smartest things I could have done. My Q Coach sessions have helped me make changes to become a much happier person. I know my dogs have benefited but the real benefit has been for me. I can’t recommend Q Coach enough!

Ruth - Washington


Why me. Why this course.

As a lifelong competitor, I have always desired better, more consistent results in the ring with my animal partners (first horses, now dogs). I saw there were some journals that addressed tracking training sessions and competition results; there were a couple people doing goal-setting and planning seminars; and there was some discussion of the “mental game,” yet no one was bringing all of these pieces together into one cohesive system. Dream-n-Scheme was born.

I created this four-part program in order to fulfill my own need: stick to a repeatable system that supports multiple dogs competing in several venues; make it straightforward yet easy to stick to so that I wouldn’t bail; and finally, create something comprehensive and lasting.

Dream-n-Scheme is my personal program – it’s how I set goals, prepare to achieve them, capture feedback and hone my own mental game. It’s worked wonders for me and my clients across many venues and I’m confident it can support your goals as well.

Photo by Ruth Nielsen

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