Draft-tastic Bundle

By popular demand, I combined the Draft Foundation eBook with videos PLUS the Draft Conditioning eBook PLUS other great video content and bonuses to create this Draft-tastic Bundle online course. This comprehensive course is as helpful for novice teams as it is for more experienced teams honing their skills.

Draft Foundation

The eBook that supported many drafting careers!

The Draft Foundation eBook course was created for handlers with puppies, young dogs or any dog new to drafting. The eBook represents my belief that there is SO MUCH we can teach our dogs before we ever hitch them to a cart! This will offer you a step-by-step method for building a strong foundation from puppy-hood and beyond.

In addition to the written instruction, there are links in the eBook to video instruction to help demonstrate the concepts and learnings. In this bundle, those videos have also been pulled out onto the course pages to make them super-easy to access!

You will learn...

  • How to introduce your dog to draft easily and safely.
  • The value of doing exercises WITHOUT the cart first.
  • Why it’s important to introduce your dog to all of the draft elements before adding the cart.
  • Why rear-end and total body awareness matters in building a strong foundation.

Guide to Weight Conditioning for Draft eBook

Safely work your dog up to pulling bigger weight.

It’s true, I am a total stickler for taking it slooooowww when it comes to conditioning our draft dogs! And after many conversations, I decided to write down my personal plan for conditioning my Bernese Mountain Dogs to pull Open weight in draft tests and share it more broadly.

While I am NOT a vet, a rehab professional, or nutritionist, I have put together a repeatable plan I used while working two dogs to their Grand Master Draft Dog awards safely – and one of those dogs did it after back surgery AND a TPLO!

This Guide to Weight Conditioning eBook includes my personal program plus worksheets to get you started in conditioning your dog to pull weight safely. Please take from this what works for you and your dog and ALWAYS consult a vet to be sure your dog is fit to draft.

Photo by Terri Hirsch

Bonus Materials

In creating this bundle I realized there was more I wanted to say! I also wanted to tell you about some of my favorite resources. You will receive:

  • Introduction to working brace teams – choosing which dog goes where, tips on harness & hitch, plus initial lessons.
  • Videos of teams in action.
  • Link to a great book.
  • Videos for troubleshooting a backup.
  • And more!

Why me. Why this course.

Just like most people, I like to see immediate progress and instant gratification from my training efforts. That said, there are times where going slowly pays off in the long run. In my opinion, teaching dogs to pull carts is one of those times. As many people who’ve ever encountered a training issue know, it’s easier to set a good foundation than fix a problem later. Go slow to go fast.

For these reasons, I decided to capture my method for starting young dogs slowly and safely. The core premise is: teach the dogs everything they will be expected to do without the cart first so that when the cart is added, they already have a foundational understanding. The first time my dogs see the narrows with a cart, for example, they already have seen the pattern before so they are confident and clear in what they’re doing.

I’ve now trained two of my own dogs using these methods and have been super happy with the results!

Photo by Terri Hirsch

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