Online Learning. On Your Time.

Online learning puts you in control of when you can imerse yourself in a new topic or just brush up on your skills. From our Boot Camp which is delivered to your inbox daily, to our flagship course which you can listen to while heading to your next trial, to our draft bundle which provide step-by-step videos, there is something for your interest! Want to get intense? Then our confidence-building masterclass is for you. No matter your preference, we’ve got you covered.

Not sure where to begin?

Getting your #mentalgame on track can seem overwhelming – you know you want to improve, but how? Are you even sure you want or need a coach? How do you know you and The Q Coach are a good fit?

The Q-Boot Camp is the perfect place to begin. It costs less than a single class entry; it’s five days of content delivered straight to your inbox; and it will give you a sense of what this coaching and mental game stuff is all about!

Plus you’ll get a kick in the butt to get back on track, build some great habits, get some tools to support you and more, all while figuring out if coaching is for you. Why wait? 

Online Courses

Build your confidence, create a plan to Q, start your draft dog …

Q-Confidence Masterclass

Overcome mental obstacles which keep you from performing at your best when you step to the line. In this six-part course with personal instruction you will transform your handling! 

BEST FOR: transforming into a more competitive handler. 


Dream-n-Scheme Course

Learn to set proper goals, make a realistic plan, capture critical feedback and improve your mental game. Our flagship program has gone online with 11 videos PLUS eBook PLUS bonuses! 

BEST FOR: putting a holistic system in place.


Draft-tastic Bundle

Put a solid foundation on your future draft dog. We combined two of our most popular eBook courses and added bonus videos and other resources to create this drafting bundle for all levels of learning.

BEST FOR: creating a lasting foundation for your draft dog.