Coaching 4-Pack

Real change begins with the decision to change, to dedicate yourself to being the competitor you know you can be. In four sessions we will create momentum and accountability around your specific goals along with sustainable tools to support your journey. By meeting four times in just a couple months, we will create measurable, lasting change. Whether you are facing a big event or just want to overcome what’s holding you back, I will help you create the results you desire.

1:1 Coaching for BIG Shifts

Think of it as having a personal trainer for your mind!

You asked and I created a package of four 60-90 minute coaching sessions that may be used as desired. Why four? Because in my experience with clients, it seems to take about four sessions to really get the mindset shift that people want and need to make a difference in their mental game. Hold yourself accountable to do the work and improve your mental game.

Dedication creates lasting change.

You get:

  • Four 60-90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via phone, Skype or in person.
  • Accountability, homework and action plans based on your unique needs and goals.

Why me. Why this course.

Sometimes you just want to talk about yourself, right? I totally get that. We each have unique challenges and goals and need help busting through blocks or just having a sounding board. I’m your person! Let’s put a custom plan in place to support you in your goals, be they next weekend’s trial or next year’s accomplishments.

Momentum is key to making change stick and I’m here to support you as you reach for higher goals. Let’s get started!

Photo by Kim Perry


“I have really valued my coaching sessions with Julie. She helped me quiet the “Doubting Thomas” voice in my head and listen to the girl that was reaching for the stars.  Her coaching helped me translate my goals into a plan that worked well with each of my dogs.  

I am so very thankful her coaching has helped me bring out the best in me for my dogs. Besides being a great coach, I consider her a great friend.”

Ready to Get Started?


Work 1:1 and get some awesome momentum!