I will be your year-long, personal trainer for your mindset! We will work together monthly to ensure you are crushing your goals and have someone in your corner during all the big moments. Together we will customize the tools you need in order to be successful in and out of the ring. Every step, completely customized to tackle the specific personal challenges you are facing with your teammates. A little talking, a lot of pondering, major accountability, a ton of progress! Get ready for some intense changes!

All-The-Qs was created when a client asked for more, more, more! She wanted an unlimited program with 1:1 coaching so she didn’t feel like she was “saving” her sessions for something big. Her wish is now a monthly coaching program with access to ALL of our existing online courses PLUS first dibs on any new content with special discounts.


Because “life” doesn’t stop for dog shows.

You want better results in the ring, here’s how we will get you there:

Because All-The-Qs is a 1:1 coaching relationship, it’s completely tailored to what YOU want to work on. I’ here to support you on your journey to level-up to your next best self.

  • Establish goals from lifetime down to three-month milestones for every dog in your home.
  • Learn to balance competition, training, conditioning, and JOY!
  • Put a structure in place to capture all activities from big competitions to regular trials to conditioning and training.
  • Measure results starting with capturing (and celebrating) progress.
  • Introduce specific mental strategies to support your unique performance goals and challenges.
  • Learn tools to bounce back after disappointment.
  • Prepare for “big events,” from national qualifying events to specialties to the first trial back after rehab. We will get you ready!
  • Discover strategies for minimizing nerves and maximizing confidence for both you and your dog.

After signing up for several packages of Q Coach sessions I realized I wanted more than the traditional package. I envisioned something like my weightlifting training sessions at my local gym, but instead of lifting barbells I wanted regular spiritual workouts to keep pushing me to improve. Or at times I wanted a quick mentoring session before a competition to realign my goals and sharpen my focus. How could I have more access to the Q Coach beyond the typical one hour sessions? The perfect solution for me was All-The-Qs – paying in advance for that next level of Q Coach training and support on a flexible basis. It’s a deep dive into improved relationships far beyond just working with my dogs. I’m excited now to be able to check in with the Q Coach and get a quick spiritual tune up – or a pre-competition mental warm up. It’s an investment in myself that continues to pay huge rewards- “good” just keeps getting better!

Ruth - Washington



What’s included during your one-year intensive:

  • Monthly (12) Q-coaching, 60-90 minutes per session – in person when possible!
  • Free access to all Q-eBooks within the year.
  • Discounts and early-access to any new programs.
  • Access to our closed, members-only Facebook group.

I was the biggest challenge for our team. Josie and I both were negatively affected by my nervous anxiety and stress until Julie applied her unique techniques to assist me in being the best handler/partner that I could be for our team. I cannot recommend Julie enough, her coaching and support helped us to achieve successes that I had not yet thought possible! If you need any assistance with your dog training or competing then you need Julie Bacon in your in your toolbox!

Kim - North Carolina


Why me. Why this course.

If you’ve ever had a personal trainer, you know what accountability feels like – you commit with your time and money and you show up and do the work because someone’s holding you to it. Well, that model works for me, so I knew it would work for my clients as well.

Meaningful change happens when you commit then see results in order to create the momentum that continues to drive you forward. Together, we will create this momentum while I hold you accountable to your goals and execution plan.

Let’s go big and get you the results you crave.

Photo by Ruth Nielsen

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