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When not to suck it up

Julie Bacon #mindyourmind Goals Mental Game

We spend so much time working on ourselves these days that when trouble strikes, we know we should try to see the positive side or else put on a brave, happy face and move forward with grace. While this is the positive energy we all are striving to emulate, sometimes it's the wrong choice.

How could that be? Well, sometimes by doing what we "should" do, we suppress what we are really feeling and we smash those emotions down only for them to bubble up and bite us in the butt later. Gah! So what's a girl to do if we're not supposed to break a lamp but we can't sweep the moment under the rug?

Abraham-Hicks came up with a scale that is a series of emotions designed to move you up the chain towards joy. What's interesting to me in the list of 22 emotions, is which is "better than." For instance, Disappointment (12) beats jealousy (20), and rage (19) is better than insecurity (21). How could that be?

The difference is where the power lies - do we feel in charge? Or do we feel powerless? And of course, we always want to feel authentic.


When sh*t happens

Getting back to the moment when something goes wrong, is it really healthy to push yourself straight to joy (1)? I think no. My take is that we must first allow ourselves to feel all the feels in order to truly process the crap at our feet. We should cry or yell or blame or ... whatever puts us in touch with the real-ness of the moment.

Life knocks us off balance and off plan on a fairly regular basis, and we all know it's how we get back up that matters. Only, that doesn't (necessarily) mean we jump straight to happiness (3). Most often, we should work our way up after we have gotten honest with ourselves and determined not only what we are feeling, but where those feelings originate. Get honest before you get happy!

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