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VIDEO: Scheduling Joy

Julie Bacon Dream-n-Scheme joy video

In the first part of the Dream-n-Scheme program, we talk a lot about the goals we have for ourselves and our canine partners. We go through the process of figuring out goals from "lifetime" all the way down to "three months." In this way, we get crystal clear on what we are working towards, and what is realistic.

And then we look at it from the dog's point of view. Would he say he desperately wants a championship? Or would he rather go swimming? Scheduling "joy" is something I'm pretty passionate about, and I know that if my dogs are ever not giving me what I want, it's probably because I'm not giving them what they want. Hmmmm ... Kinda obvious, but we forget. This includes our retirees, too!

In this video you'll see what my Indie has as one of her Joy Goals. Please share in the comments what some of your dogs' joy goals are and get scheduling!!

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