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VIDEO: Fighting Ticks!

Julie Bacon Dog Care video

I don't have to tell you, Ticks are a major issue when it comes to the overall health of our dogs. So many tick-bourn illnesses are hitting the immune systems hard and having long-lasting effects.

My first Berner, Karma, was Lyme-positive from 15 months on, always testing positive using the popular "snap" and heartworm-combo tests. Indie is positive, too, although not symptomatic as often.

And so my quest to keep my dogs protected continues as I try desperately to avoid having to use topical pesticides - always weighing, which is worse??

Today I use two products. The first, an essential oil blend from doTerra called TerraShield, I talk about in the above video. I love the smell of it and also use it undiluted on me at my pulse points as well as my hairline. My own experience is one day this spring I found four ticks on me when I forgot to use it (Ew!), then the next day zero when I remembered. I'm a believer!

The second is a tag that hangs from the dogs' collars. I used it last year and it worked like a dream! Safer than tick collars of old, this one can get wet and I can touch it without having to call poison control. So far, so good this year as well! I purchase them from Amazon.

Good luck!

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