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Memorializing Loved Ones

Julie Bacon Memorial

Here’s something that no one wants to have to talk about ever: losing a dog. We all know that it is incomparable pain regardless of the dog’s age or circumstances around the loss. The pain is ineffable.

I lost Karma in December 2015, and probably like all of us, I was desperate to hang on to “something,” some part of him I could literally touch. Of course I went to my keyboard. 

I found a zillion great resources, sites and memorial items online - things for all tastes and desires. I also was fortunate enough to get gifts from friends far away and close to home, and it’s always meaningful to know someone acknowledges your grief.

I have compiled a completely incomplete list of links to memorial items for when you or a friend faces such a heart wrenching loss. Please add to this list via the comments section so we all can benefit these beautiful treasures.

Share with love.


First, here’s what I did to memorialize Karma:

An east coast Berner person does pottery so I had her do a treat jar for an urn. She added his name to it and I will likely glue it shut (although the ashes are in a glamorous plastic bag with a twist-tie!).


The Etsy Urn I really like is this: (the shop has multiple sizes, colors, etc.)

 ** With Urns, make sure they are big enough for our kids! My first one for Karma was big enough for a toy poodle. #fail This was Karma’s failed photo urn: (Via Etsy)


The pendant I purchased:

The (cheaper!) pendant I almost got: (I like that you can get different colors)


I did a quote from Karma inside this bracelet:


I received these prayer flags from a thoughtful friend:



Now for some other great suggestions:


These you have to do while the dog/pet is still alive: (presence of mind!)

DNA Jewelry: ‪‪ ‬

DNA Jewelry:

Nose print:

Using hair:



And still more:  (I really liked some of the glass pieces!)

Bracelet -

Ash Beads:


Glass & Urns:


Box Urns:

Jewelry, urns:

Photo Jewelry:


Some other ideas are rooted in your dog’s favorite activity or place. Stones, boxes, urns, jewelry or garden objects are all great places to start. is a great place to begin.

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