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Julie Bacon Manifesting Mental Game

** This post is borrowed from JBDC where I write about other life stuff. It just seemed so applicable that I had to share it here too! **


The last couple years have been transformative for me. The short version is, a lot of things had to fall away in order for me to evolve to my personal next level. Along the way it's been a roller coaster to say the least and I was forced (aka uber-motivated) to find support and education in new places.

Much of that support came from connecting to some great online/virtual teachers, coaches, and gurus where wisdom and "ah-ha moments" came in through synchronicities like the perfect message at the perfect time. Two concepts were particularly appropriate and, for me, go together like PB&J:

Things are not happening TO you, they are happening FOR you.
Your next phase will require a new version of you; you are being pushed to level-up.

Of course, "leveling-up" is a concept nabbed from gamers who strive to get to the next level of a game where each level demands more and more from you. Gamers fail often and learn by doing and by returning to solve the next puzzle and slay the next monster.

And through that lens, it makes sense that things happen FOR us, that is, in order to push us to grow in ways we might not have chosen on our own. I happen to be comfortable with change, yet these past couple years has often felt like being pushed off of a cliff in order to make even bigger changes that were past my comfort zone.

In listening recently to a podcast from one of my go-to virtual teachers, Danielle LaPorte, she firmly put to rest the old adage that even bad things happen for a reason and for that we should be grateful. Danielle disagrees and I'm with her when she says we don't have to be grateful for the awful things that happen, but instead be grateful for the strength we had to turn that moment into something positive - or maybe even for just getting to the other side. Oh, how I love that so!

We are all being pushed to level-up, to accept the new, better version of ourselves no matter how hard the journey may seem. The challenges coming at us in our own games are forcing us to respond and to raise our level of play - happening for our growth. The trick (obviously!) is to see it all as a game - just the next obstacle or magic object to propel us to the next level of our brilliant, magical lives!


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