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Interview with EO Member Kaitlyn Dreese

Julie Bacon Agility Interview Mental Game

This week the European Open (#EO2016) takes place in France and I had a chance to chat with USA Team member Kaitlyn Dreese. Kaitlyn also writes her Deadliest Catch Agility blog.

Q: Is there anything you do to get mentally ready for a big event?
KD: When traveling to larger events I like to imagine what it would be like to win nationals and take a victory lap or run in the finals at the European Open. I do a good bit of mental prep about two minutes or so before I run. Imagining the course I’m running, running it successfully, that is. Picturing where I need to be and when.

Q: What’s your best strategy for bouncing back from disappointment? Can you share a story when this happened?
KD: Fun! If an event is fun for me or the journey to a goal is fun, I find taking disappointment much easier. At the European Open in Hungary (2014), Karli and I ventured to our first international competition together. I’m not really sure what I was expecting but it was not an elimination in every single run! Don’t get me wrong, running clean and doing well, even winning, is always a great feeling but when everything else is fun, it really doesn’t matter. Therapeutic shopping helps but I love being around great competitors, friends, and my dogs.

Q: Do you “journal” in any way? How do you keep track of what you’re working on or what you need to train?
KD: I use agility trials as my journal. I’ll try something I’ve been working or attempt something I’ve never tried before and that’s what I use for keeping track of what I should be training. Sometimes I keep course maps and write down what went wrong in each of my runs, so from that I can keep track of what needs touched up or what needs some serious fixing.

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