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Faith in puppies

Julie Bacon #mindyourmind Manifesting Puppies

Two of my friends are hoping for puppies in their near future. They both know the wait can be long, and even if puppies are born to the expecting, there might not be one for them. Yet each said the same thing, "I have faith."

Faith is easy to maintain when things are working out - or when, puppies! We can easily hold on to the idea that the right puppy is coming to us - after all, experience and a house full of dog hair confirms this. We all have lots of stories where our faith lead to something working out just as it was meant to be.

But faith is tough when the puppy isn't in this litter, or when our dog gets injured just playing in the snow. Faith can be hard to maintain when the universe doesn't meet our timeline or we miss our outcome goals.

If you're going to have faith, you've got to have faith!

I think of faith as a practice much like yoga or meditation - there is no "perfection" or finish line we cross when we have it, rather it's something we work to cultivate. It can be spiritual, but faith can also be conviction, unshakable belief, or that gut-level knowing.

Having faith means we know what we desire is already coming so we have permission to let go of the "how," leaving it up to imagination bigger than our own. Faith replaces knowing every little detail and allowing for a bit of surprise and delight.

This is why it's so important for us to fall in love with the process instead of focusing on the outcome. Showing up, doing the work, concentrating on the next run enables us to do our part and let the universe do hers.


Believe it to see it.

Many say something like, "I guess that puppy wasn't meant to be," when faced with disappointment while trying to maintain a cheery outlook. But I'm not EXACTLY in that camp. Oh, I agree that the right puppy IS coming, but I would never tell the universe that something I want isn't meant to be - we have to watch our language after all! No, my language is faithful, something like, "I'm so excited to meet MY puppy!"

My story about this is connected to my Moxie. When I first saw her litter of four boys and one girl, I was hopeful there was a boy for me. I had just lost my first Berner and desperately wanted the gods to move his spirit into a new being to ease my pain. When all the puppies were placed, I uncharacteristically thought, "Maybe one will be returned." Who in the heck returns a puppy?!?! Why would I even think that?!

A few months later, after I had let that litter go in my mind and moved forward, I got word through a friend that the person who kept the girl (Indie's breeder) felt that "Lucy" needed a performance home. I contacted her within the week and Lucy became Moxie a few weeks later. Faith. Not in that litter, per se, but that my puppy would find me.

Let go of how, but hold on to faith.

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