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Enough to go around

Julie Bacon #mindyourmind Goals Mental Game

The other day someone said to me, “She’ll do anything for you because she loves you.” This was meant as a slam. It was said in the context of, “She doesn’t love/enjoy {the activity}, but she does it for you.”

Expletives aside, I got the gist: My dog is mediocre at the activity and wouldn’t do it on her own. I understood this person’s meaning, but when did my relationship with my dog become the negative here?

Aren’t we all supposed to be building these unshakable relationships with our dogs so they love and trust us? Shouldn’t it be a compliment that I have such a connection?

I’ve defended this dog a lot and shouldn’t have to - just like none of us should have to defend our dogs or our choices when it comes to what we do with them. Answering with a list of her accomplishments seems boastful, yet agreeing with her shortcomings is selling her short. This competitive dog world in which we choose to play has a way of bringing out the judgmental in others and in ourselves. Bad humans!

For me, it goes into the category of tearing another down to build ourselves up. It's an insecure thing. We spend too much time in comparison mode when there is more than enough to go around. I can be successful AND you can be successful AND he can be successful AND we can all be happy for all of us.

I took for my own (process) goal this year something Gabby Bernstein said recently, “Replace judgment with love.” When I catch myself judging someone or something I’m going to 1) Witness it. 2) Choose to see it differently. 3) Forgive myself 4) Remind myself there’s enough for all and 5) Choose a loving thought instead.

Judgment is based on our fear of being “less than” someone else, so we tear them down to, or below, our level. Yet it’s totally unnecessary. Haters gonna hate, but not this girl and her dog who would do anything for her mom.

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