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EBOOK : Intro to Essential Oils

Julie Bacon Dog Care ebook FREE

Sure, maybe it's not core to what we do, but I have a thing for essential oils. I was introduced to them decades ago and continue to be a student of their benefits. I have some mixtures that I swear by and other products that I buy because I'm all about someone else doing it better than I could.

As part of a workshop I gave in Colorado, I gave the first version of an Intro to Essential Oils eBook and talk, and now I have updated it and am offering it more broadly. If you use the code: EBOOKME before October 1 - repeat, BEFORE Oct 1, you will get it FREE! So check it out!! It's got a bunch of "recipes" and ideas for both humans and dogs.

FYI, my favorite mixture that I ALWAYS have on hand is in a spray bottle full of water: equal parts lavender, lemon and Purify which is a DoTerra mixture. I use this to deodorize, provide immune support and even clean my crates!

My favorite ear product is by Nature's Farmacy and is always on hand. I swear, everyone needs Easy Ear!!


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