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Julie Bacon Manifesting Puppies Training

I was helping a student understand the concept of shaping when it came to having a puppy offer getting onto a mat. The student was struggling as he wanted to "help" by luring, pointing and moving in the direction of the mat. I took his dog and a few cookies and waited. And waited. Finally, the dog took a step onto the mat with just one foot - click, treat. In another 90 seconds, the dog got it and in a minute more, the human got it too.

This is a super-common scenario in many foundation classes for me. Student struggles, teacher steps in and "Voila!" No, I'm not a gifted teacher, HOWEVER, I do understand the principle: Be decisive in what you want, set up the environment, then have the patience to allow it to happen. This, I decided during my drive today, is exactly the same as manifesting what we want.

Step 1: Be decisive - get clear on what you want and feel it into you.
Step 2: Set up the environment - take whatever actions you know are needed (you likely won't know all the steps).
Step 3: Let it go - allow the universe to do her thing.

Manifesting is NOT daydreaming. Yes, visualizing with feeling (what I often call "rehearsing") is part of it, but you must also take inspired action. Another way I say this is, "show the universe what you want; take a step in that direction." In this way, clarity meets situation in the same way that luck favors preparation. It's all connected.

A close friend recently manifested a puppy (that cutie-patootie above). She decided what she wanted, took a couple of steps to find a responsible breeder and let go. She did everything that was asked of her from filling out the questionnaire to doing the interview to driving a few hours to visit, etc. Inspired actions all. But mostly, she knew in her heart that it was done as soon as she made the ask.

Letting go will always be the hardest part for those of us who aren't patient (me!!!). It's really an act of faith to know that the result (or something better) is already done if only we trust. In the case of the guy, the mat, and his dog, it's a matter of believing the process works. I believe so it's "easy" for me to stand there and wait. The student does not yet trust the process so he wants to intervene, to manipulate the outcome, to "help." I know it's inevitable that the dog will interact with the mat. The student is "fearful" it won't happen and so our actions - and our results - differ.

As I was driving this morning, I was listening to Amanda Frances and one of her many recorded live streams. She was talking about this concept and the idea of "feeling into" the thought of having what you want be already "done," and that we just have to walk through the steps. It's powerful to think about how you will feel when the goal is attained and focusing on the emotion rather than the "how." I mean, how awesome would it be if you weren't responsible for every little step and allowed some magic to intervene? As Amanda was continuing to talk about this concept, I was thinking about something I was holding as a desire. Just then I glanced to the right and caught the name of a store: "Consider it done." For real! I laughed aloud at let myself sink into the feeling of my desire being all buttoned up. Felt good.

So the next time you are wrestling with attaining a goal or manifesting a desire, take a step back and think about the shaping the mat exercise. Get clear on what you want, set up the environment and allow it to happen.

{puppy pic by Luna's mom, Katina @kobrakayaker}


Coaching Warriors

Special thanks to my clients and friends who share their stories and allow me to help when I can. My secret sauce in my performance coaching is there is a bunch of life coaching that comes forward too. Because what happens outside the ring impacts our performance when we step to the line. I continue to be flattered to go on these journeys with my warrior clients!

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