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Champion's Mindset

Julie Bacon Dream-n-Scheme Mental Game Workshop

Like most of us, I drive a LOT! Lucky for me, I enjoy driving, and I use the time to catch up on all the amazing content available via podcast and audio books.

One of the podcasts regularly playing in my dog van is Lewis Howes' School of Greatness, which his best-selling book is named for. Lewis is positive, has a great comeback story and interviews a wide assortment of people.

In preparation for my upcoming workshop, I was making some notes from his book and thought I would share them here, specifically around cultivating a "Champion's Mindset."

He says that what makes champion athletes great comes down to their belief in themselves coupled with their unwavering desire to accomplish their goals. He asserts that some of the most powerful work we can do is "develop the strategies to uncover, redesign and reinvent our belief system." Amen!

We know that our own minds can be our worst enemy or our biggest ally, whether we are walking into the ring or into a big meeting. So much of our lives are about the stories we tell ourselves, which are often dripping in imagination!

Yet our thoughts create our reality, so what are we bringing forth??

Again, from Lewis: "Always come back to understanding how unique and powerful your gifts are in this world. You are the one who needs to understand this first before anyone else can. Now go make it happen."

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