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5 Whats. 5 Minutes.

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I subscribe to a lot of content these days – tips, inspiration and education delivered straight to my inbox on the regular. Today I got one called “5 Ways to have more sex, money and power” and of course I opened it (you wouldn’t?). It’s from someone I follow regularly and admire a LOT, but it irked me nonetheless.


Yes, within the email were “5 Ways” but not “5 Whats.” Sometimes I just want someone to tell me exactly what I should do – know what I mean? Yet that reaction inspired me to be more prescriptive whenever possible – to give the precise action.


As planned, I want to talk about the notion that we “don’t have time to train our dogs.” I’m not going to tell you this isn’t true. What I’m going to say is that you might need to lower your standards!


I used to think that in order to train my dog at home I needed to carve out an hour of my life. Guess how often that happened? Exactly. So I lowered the bar in order to be successful for me AND my dogs.


My 5 “Whats:”

  • Put a dish of treats somewhere handy and somewhere you will see them often. Could even be in the bathroom. Grab a handful and do something with your dog until those treats are gone. Done!
  • Get a sticky note and write down 5 things you want to train with your dog. Put the sticky next to the treats.
  • Give yourself a “treat” or a star on a sticky every time you train your dog.
  • Award yourself bonus points if any of this makes it back into your planner. Another gold star.
  • Do NOT over think this!


Here’s what the above “whats” solve:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t know what I’m training so I’m not focused.
  • I don’t track my progress.
  • I have to plan out all of my training.
  • It’s not fun.


As always, I would appreciate your ideas!! Please share them on our Facebook page for all to see and learn!


On a related note, I wrote about shifting your “shoulds” to “wants” on my other blog this week, so I’m not going to repeat that all here, but it’s related. I guess I’m really focused on a theme, eh?

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